Further proof that Snake Brand makes the toughest guides around!

  • December 21, 2012

Snake Brand has brought to the industry numerous innovations throughout the last decade - i.e. Graduated wire diameters for each guide size, radiuses guide feet for ease of wrapping and the Universal Guide with its concave radius that allows the guide to be self-homing and self-aligning to the rod blank. All of us have at one time or another have tried to attach a flat stamped foreign guide to a round blank only to discover that the guide will rotate with thread pressure and the point of contact is just a few thousands.

Snake Brand's customers for some years now have encouraged us to develop a high tech coating that would be an alternative to chrome, as they have expressed concerns about the disposal of problematic chemicals used in the chrome process. Who knows what may happen in countries that have little or no concerns about the disposition of these chemicals.

With this in mind we have worked for the last two years to develop a proprietary coating that has a great surface hardness, a low friction coefficient and exhibits superior lubricity. All of our guides are manufactured to exacting specifications of the finest stainless steel that is available. We can proudly state that our wire suppliers and our guide forming are proudly made here in the USA

Recently we had an independent metallurgical laboratory conduct surface hardness tests on our new proprietary coating to determine the actual surface hardness. We were delighted to find that our coating averaged 64.3 Rockwell in hardness.

So what does this mean? Our stamping dies are hardened to a 58 Rockwell and they are hit with significant tonnage thousands of times per hour. We hope that you will enjoy reviewing the Stack Metallurgical test results of our new proprietary coating.