Dyed Burled Wood Fly Rod Reel Seats - New Product

  • June 17, 2013

Last year we brought to the market a series of reel seats that are elegant and complement the beauty of your rod building projects. I have collected highly figured woods and burls for over 10 years. Each time I cut into these woods I see the beauty of Mother Natures creations.

At the time when we introduced our natural woods inserts we also introduced dyed woods featuring dyed buckeye and dyed maple burl. We recognized that there was a need to create a dyed green wood that would complement the beauty of the green blanks that have been in the market for years now. We now have perfected the process. We sent samples to some of our customers for input. Needless to say the responses were overwhelming and we have had difficulty building enough inventory. We are now ready to fully release this product to you and we hope that you will see the beauty of these woods. If you are doing a build on a green blank then our dyed green maple reel seat insert will be a great choice.

Click here see the new Dyed Burled Wood Reel Seat Inserts.