The History of Snake Brand Guides

A Pioneering Spirit in Fly Fishing

In 1993, the inception of Snake Brand Guides was spurred by Daryl Whitehead's encouragement to address the quality issues prevalent in the market's snake guides. Delving into market analysis revealed that existing guides were crafted with overly heavy wire diameters, compromising even the most meticulously designed rods. Armed with this insight, we innovated by designating specific wire diameters for each guide position on the rod blank, ranging from 2/0 =.022, 1/0=.024, 1=.026, 2=.028, 3=.030 to sizes 4, 5, and 6 at .032 inches, thus laying the groundwork for enhanced rod designs. With a vision for excellence, this tailored approach ensured a harmonious balance between durability and performance, setting a new standard in the industry.

Michael </h4>McCoy

Innovations That Set Us Apart

Our journey of innovation began with the first generation of guides crafted from high-carbon steel. Recognizing the need for precision and ease in the assembly process, we pioneered the introduction of stamping dies that refined the guide's foot with a convex radius atop and a tapered toe, greatly simplifying the thread wrapping process and enhancing the guide's fit on the rod. This evolution not only celebrated our commitment to innovation but also marked a significant leap in reducing the overall weight and need for epoxy in rod assembly, paving the way for more refined rod designs.

Redefining Design Standards

Our original teardrop helix design, while effective, hinted at the potential for improvement in line speed, distance, and accuracy. Embracing this insight, we transitioned to a round helix design, coupled with the development of a forming machine that revolutionized guide production from manual to digital precision, enhancing efficiency and versatility in guide sizes.

Universal Guides: A Paradigm Shift

The introduction of the Universal Guide was a response to the limitations observed in competitors' offerings. Our innovative design features a concave radius on the foot's bottom and a convex radius on top, coupled with a toe taper. This not only facilitates optimal guide alignment through its self-homing capabilities but also lowers the profile for reduced epoxy usage, enabling superior rod design optimization.

Recognized by the US Patent Office, the Universal Guide's versatility extends across various rod types, testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation. Our choice of superior stainless steel for its corrosion resistance and treatability further distinguishes our guides, underscored by independent Salt Fog testing to ensure unmatched quality.

ECO Coating: A Leap Towards Sustainability

Confronting the environmental impact of heavy metals in manufacturing, we ventured into developing the ECO Coating. Tested for surface hardness, this advancement not only aligns with RoHS and EPA standards but also enhances line speed and casting distance, embodying our commitment to environmental stewardship and performance excellence.

Light-Wire Guides: Precision Meets Performance

Our light-wire snake guides, initially tailored for the Scott Radian Rod, showcase our dedication to delicate presentation and swift rod recovery. Expanding our innovation, the spey series guides cater to the unique demands of spey lines, facilitating remarkable casting capabilities.

Why Round Helix?

Transitioning from a teardrop to a round helix geometry was more than a design choice; it was a strategic move to eliminate casting limitations. The round helix design ensures increased line speed and distance, alongside enhanced accuracy, marking a significant advancement in fly fishing technology.

Our Commitment: Quality, Innovation, and Community

Snake Brand represents a fusion of partnership, passion, and innovation, rooted in the heart of Newberg, Oregon. Recognizing the extensive time rod builders invested in perfecting their snake guides for bespoke, precision-engineered fly rods, Mike McCoy identified a critical need for efficiency. This realization led him to develop snake guides that seamlessly align with each fly rod, requiring minimal to no foot preparation. The birth of the first Snake Brand Original snake guide was the result of thorough research and meticulous design, quickly earning acclaim and demand for more from rod builders. McCoy's subsequent launch of the Snake Brand Universal snake guide introduced an innovative concave radius at the foot's bottom, ensuring a perfect fit to the graphite fly rod's contour.

At Snake Brand, our drive for continuous innovation and the introduction of new products is relentless. We aim to deliver not just high-quality fly rod components but also exceptional customer service to the rod-building community. Our mission extends beyond enhancing the fly rod's quality and performance; we strive to save rod builders valuable time and money. This dedication allows them to invest more in their passion for the sport, ensuring that time and resources are dedicated to what truly matters.