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At Snake Brand Guides, we are proud of our reputation for being at the forefront of innovation and creativity. In line with our commitment to continuous improvement, we thoroughly examined the Single Foot Guides available in the market. During our analysis, we identified areas where we could make significant enhancements to existing offerings:

By addressing these challenges and implementing these solutions, Snake Brand Guides ensures that anglers can enjoy a positive fishing experience. Our guides enable greater casting distances, improved accuracy, and optimal performance on the water.

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  • Concave radius on the bottom of the foot to fit the contour of a round fly rod blank
  • Self-orienting and self-aligning
  • CIRCULAR HELIX results in faster line speed, as traditional teardrop-shaped guides “pinch” the line when hauling and shooting.
  • The feet are consistent in length; they have tapered ends to ensure your thread wraps transition smoothly to the rod blank.

Note: Black Nickel finish is not recommended for saltwater use.

A number of the guides we examined had a "V" shape at the bottom of the loop, which had a negative impact on line speed, distance, and accuracy.
Our guides feature a rounded loop design that ensures no loss of line speed. This design improvement allows for increased line speeds, resulting in greater casting distances and improved accuracy. Additionally, our guides have a smooth surface that facilitates easy line feeding during the haul stroke, further enhancing casting performance.
single foot fly rod guide comparison
Foreign guides often utilize flat stamping, which reduces contact with the round rod and requires more epoxy during installation. This flaw affects the intended taper of the rod.
Our guides have a foot with a concave radius that aligns perfectly with the rod blank, providing improved orientation and maximizing contact. Furthermore, the concave radius reduces the amount of epoxy needed for coating, optimizing the rod taper and overall performance.
single foot fly rod guide comparison
Many foreign companies offer coatings that do not meet the approval standards of environmental agencies such as RoHs in Europe and the EPA in the United States. There are concerns about the proper disposal of chemicals used by these companies. The EPA strictly regulates chemical disposal, while RoHs serves as the governing authority for Europe. However, regions like Asia, Brazil, and India have fewer safeguards in place.
Snake Brand, in response, has developed an ECOATING that meets the stringent requirements of both the EPA and RoHs. It is free from carcinogenic properties but still is able to surpass other companies' guides with an astounding surface hardness of 64 on the Rockwell Scale.
EPA and Rohs Compliant

Universal Guides Specs & Sizing Chart

Standard Light Wire Spey / Heavy Wire Single Foot
diameters wire loop wire loop wire loop wire loop
guide size in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm in mm
2/0 0.022 0.56
1/0 0.024 0.61 0.160 4.06 0.024 0.61 0.160 4.06
1 0.026 0.66 0.175 4.44 0.024 0.61 0.175 4.44 0.030 0.76 0.215 5.46
2 0.028 0.71 0.191 4.85 0.024 0.61 0.191 4.85 0.030 0.76 0.230 5.84
3 0.030 0.76 0.212 5.38 0.024 0.61 0.212 5.38 0.030 0.76 0.250 6.35
4 0.032 0.81 0.257 6.52 0.026 0.66 0.257 6.52 0.032 0.81 0.257 6.52 0.032 0.81 0.275 6.99
5 0.032 0.81 0.342 8.68 0.038 0.97 0.342 8.68 0.038 0.97 0.330 8.38
6 0.032 0.81 0.365 9.27 0.038 0.97 0.365 9.27 0.038 0.97 0.360 9.14

"I have chosen Mike's Snake Brand guides for my premier rods. Aesthetically they look wonderful with full radius contours. The feet are flat and burr-free... just tape the guide on and wrap, so it saves time. The wire has a significantly smaller OD., saving on weight, has less drag on the fly line, and gives a slender, elegant appearance, yet the guide is as strong or stronger than the old chrome stainless... Plain and simple, Snake Brand guides are superior products and should seriously be considered an integral part of any high-quality rod."

Kerry Burkheimer CF Burkheimer Fly Rod Company