Wood Insert Species

Please note that these photos are examples and representation of what is available. Mother Nature creates unique and one of a kind pieces of wood, though some may be similar there are no two that are a perfect match. All of our wood inserts are stabilized. The wood inserts that we offer are:

Double-Dyed Burl

Mother Nature has provided unique burl with beautiful grain patterns that readily accept dyes. The result is beautiful color patterns based on the hardness and tightness of the grain in the burls. Mother Nature does not create any two pieces that are identically matched, color patterns may close to samples that we have photographed, however no two are the same. These inserts and their beautiful hardware will complement your specialty rod.

Flamed Redwood

This is an amazing wood, it yields reddish brown tones with dark eyes. I first saw this wood in custom knife handles and I knew that I must find this wood to offer it to our valued customers. I later found the Flamed Redwood, it has rich warm tones coupled with the beautiful golden banding that picks up light in every direction is truly unique.

Spalted Alder

This is a species of wood that features beautiful creamy yellows, brown tones and at times black lines that highlight the beauty of this unique wood. This is a perfect match for bamboo rods.

Spalted Maple

We offer highly figured maple burl, spalted maple and dyed maple. Maple burl when dyed features beautiful eye patterns with a plum coloration throughout the figuring.

Natural Buckeye

This is a burled wood that grows below the ground. It features highly figured woods that take a finish nicely. The color tones range from a dark grey to lighter grey with some that may have a combination of grey and creamy yellow.

Maple Burl

Mother Nature has again taken her color pallet and created burl that have numerous configurations that complement finely crafted fly rods. Most common are lighter toned burls with colorful eye patterns and swirls in the grain. These range from a blonde color to lighter brown tones. Another variation is cream spalt that provides white tones throughout the burl.

Lastly there is black lined spalt that outlines the creamy yellows.